Covid Thoughts

We are considering visiting over Veterans Day. It’s a mid week holiday so hopefully the crowds won’t be like they were Labor Day. For those who have gone, what are your thoughts on Covid precautions? Did you feel safe? Are you able to separate from others? I haven’t found any stories or reports linking increased cases to the parks so I’m leaning toward going. Thoughts??

I don’t think tracing is being done enough to be confident that no cases have been linked to the parks. They seem to be getting more and more crowded as time goes by. And US has dialed back distancing on rides, they aren’t skipping rows anymore.

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I blocked off veterans day for my floating holiday to be able to go midweek to a park

I have not personally gone, but as I have been reading some other people’s reports on split trips, and a couple of them have said they felt even safer at Universal than they did at Disney World. But I can’t vouch for this personally. I would definitely stick to the reports of people who have actually been there over any reports you’re going to see in the media.

I will say that if the safety measures are a major concern of yours, then midweek is definitely the better option.

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Depends on what you consider safe. I went to WDW and UOR last week to this past Friday and didn’t experience any major issues and I saw staff reminding guests to properly wear masks, social distance, and more.


I’m reading reports that last weekend was crazy. How would you describe the crowds at USF?

It was crowded, for sure, but the most amount of crowds were just the waits to ride things.

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