Covid So here we go again

Well just when I thought it was safe to go on a Disney cruise and stay at WDW again. Booked for Feb 1 at Universal then again at WDW with Cruise end of April. Don’t want to cancel yet as I paid a fortune for Cruise insurance and have a great room on board. Problem is in getting on and off the ship at ports of call. May not be able to do that or if you do what will the testing procedure be to get back on. Don’t need to be quarantied out on the ocean for days on end either. How many more things will be limited or non-existant at WDW. Think I will wait until January to make decision, Though we were safe having three vacinations now but it isn’t looking good. :roll_eyes:

I did a Disney cruise in October. You can get off the boat without testing or quarantine at all the ports. I’m not sure what you are referring to in your post. It was an awesome trip.

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My parents did European cruises and it’s different there than the Caribbean I think. They weren’t allowed to port in the Netherlands at all.

You may have heard there is a new virus out of south africa.

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Unfortunately I think COVID is here to stay and we’re going to see variants popping up periodically for quite a while. I’m not sure yet what Omicron has in store for the US or the Caribbean at this point and investing in the insurance was key for you since we never know these things. I’m sure by January you’ll have a better idea of what will feel safe and comfortable for your family.


I read about it yesterday. More spikes or spikier or something and lots of evolutions. Sounds like the concern is it might be more resistant to our immunity and therefore those of us with vaccines or previous infections and the immunity we gained from that might not help so much. It did say early results seem to say that people showing up at the hospital are mostly unvaccinated so we still must not get as sick. And it said Pfizer and Moderna could have a vaccine for this strand within 100 days if they started working on it. I just got my booster which was the first one that made me feel sick for a day. If I have to get another in 100 days I’ll do that too to go on my cruise. I have one in August and had made the decision to give up some Disney trips now crowds are back and costs are up and save up for my dream Adventures By Disney trip in 2023. (Japan) with extra days added for their Disney park and visiting the town my mom and aunt grew up in. I’m super worried we’ll never really be able to do these things again. On the other hand people are suffering worse things than cancelled vacays. So I’ll by my vacay insurance and try to stay positive and keep planning. I hope yours happens @DocHopper

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Funny, my wife and I never felt a thing after our first two shots. The bouster though put us bought in bed for a day.

I didn’t quite spend the day in bed. I recorded my son’s ASL midterm videos, went for a short walk (for the dog) and picked up my daughter from the airport. But once I was done with those things, I promptly laid in bed and watched Shang-Chi with DH and fell asleep early (like 9:30pm). I felt like I was coming down with the flu but not like I fully had it. So I’ll take 12 hours of that over covid!

About the same for us.

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Feeling the same over here. Disney cruise in jan, iceland in March, med cruise in june… and now who knows if any of it will happen. We traveled in March and June of 2020 but cancelled 2 fall trips bkz delta.