Covid & Mobile Ordering

Leaving this weekend for a very quick birthday trip for my daughter. This will be our first post-Covid Disney visit. Do most/all quick services now require mobile ordering? What about at the resorts? If we arrive at the resort at, say, 10pm, will we have any options at the food court at AS Movies? And is it the same way in the parks (specifically AK and MK)? Do you need plenty of advanced notice or are there options for relatively quick decisions?

Also, I’m assuming Door Dash is an option at the resorts?

There was a thread with lots of good MO info a bit back that covers some of this. Here’s a link:

And @ppehap is a good one to ask any follow up questions. (So incredibly helpful!)

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Thanks! I did glance through that earlier, but wasn’t sure about how it works at the resorts (if the limited availability is the same, etc.).

Do you have to be onsite to use Mobile Ordering? I tried to look at it on my phone just to see what’s available, but it’s not pulling up the menu.

People have mentioned that some places “strictly enforce” mobile ordering. I’m a little unclear if that means others don’t? It may vary from location to location so you’ll probably have to be specific and try to search on the name and tag someone that’s been there recently.

  1. You should be able to pull up a menu anytime to look at that is roughly the equivalent of the MO menu.

  2. To see the actual live MO menu, you need to click through like you are placing an order:
    Order Food
    [pick a time slot]
    That menu will give you more of an idea what variations are available and usually pictures.

But you can only do #2 during ordering hours for the type of meal you’re interested in (ex breakfast as opposed to lunch) and while MO time slots are still available.


You should be able to MO from your MDE app anywhere in the world :wink: Well during Disney park hours. Good to know: is that the menu and what you can actually order are not always the same thing. I only see issues w/ MO in the parks… if you want a traditional lunch time then order your lunch MO in the morning.

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Thank you both! I was finally able to access it - my app must’ve been having connectivity issues. Thanks again for the info!


We were there with my 70+ YO parents who aren’t interested in figuring out MO (or think the government will steal their CC # if they store it online). They would talk to the attendant, explain what they were trying to, and be let in to order in the traditional way. They usually got their food before us, too. Not sure I recall seeing any other party doing this the week we were there…


ahhh, well w/o a MO you ain’t getting into any resorts, but you can certainly do that in the parks. I witnessed ppl ordering the old fashioned way at Flame Tree BBQ


Good point. My parents were strictly using Disney transportation to get around, so weren’t needing MO for access.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way :wink: