Courtyard View - King Bed room Selection


I have a reservation in November for a Courtyard View w/ King bed. The room selector on Touringplans doesn’t have that as an option.

Any suggestions?

Which resort?

That would be helpful wouldn’t it?

Wilderness Lodge

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Please hold… (insert Disney hold music here)

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Gee I can’t find any. Certainly the room selector doesn’t offer it as a choice (as you noted). But I have hunted and pecked around all kinds of rooms and all show 2 queens.

I wonder if @len or his people could help with this, otherwise you might have to pick a general wing and floor and note that as your selection?

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful

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I appreciate you taking the type do all that!

I was thinking about doing what you stated…but just wanted to see if I had missed something.

I’m excited to stay at WL during the holiday time. Stayed once before years ago…but this is actually my first visit to WDW during the holidays (after many visits)…very excited.



Please report back after your stay. Maybe it is a change with the renovation?

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I’m certain those rooms are new. They were changed in the recent renovation and some of them may be the old bunk bed rooms.

But that means that TP won’t have the room numbers yet until they get them from either Disney or Liners.

I have a feeling one of the TP crew posted about them in another thread, but no idea which one. Sorry.


I’ve heard that they have changed the categorization with the refurb.


Will do!

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