Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance closing

Just received notice that Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance is closing thru 4/30 and therefore the reservation I had there in early April is cancelled. One more sign that the spring break trip I was still holding onto a sliver of hope for to DLR just isn’t happening. So sad that the nonstop flights I had set up to and from LGB for a great rate will have to be cancelled. I suppose we can look at it again next year. Do any of you California residents or persons knowledgeable about DLR have any educated guesses as to when it might open? And, when it does open, is it likely to be only to local residents?


I wouldn’t hold my breath it will be anytime soon. Cases in California are roughly 10 times higher than they were in September, and they didn’t open in September. :worried:

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The current guidelines state that there has to be 1 or less new cases of C-19 per day per 100,000 residents either in the region or in Orange County (maybe a CA resident can clarify?). That’s a tough bar to clear even with wide-spread vaccines. I hope that at some point, CA revisits the guidelines as more and more are vaccinated. Right now currently Orange County has 78.8 cases per day per 100,000 on a rolling 7 day average.


Wow, yes I knew it was bad there but 3 months seemed like a reasonable time for things to improve…at least in my wishful thinking. Three months AGO it was mid-October and things were looking up! That criterion does sound like a very high bar to meet. I can’t imagine DLR isn’t going to take the first opportunity to open after being closed a year or more, but I realize they will have to work within the circumstances and political climate. I wonder if it will take time to get the rides mechanically operational again after being down for so long as well. There were so many breakdowns to begin with when we were there in 2018.

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I don’t think your timeline is that far off.

Yesterday began the 100 Day Mask Challenge. Your trip timing looks like it would be close to that end mark. That and the new directions in vaccine distribution should change the landscape by April.


I’m hopefully that they will be open by sometime this summer. That could be as early as April if everything goes super smoothly, and maybe as late as August if they don’t budge on their restrictions. My bet would be on a Memorial Day opening. Maybe 4th of July.


For the sake of everyone out there, I hope you’re correct! :crossed_fingers:

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Just read an article in my local newspaper that CA officials are now thinking of scrapping the tier program. I am hoping that is good news, since OC would have to get into the yellow tier for DL to open. But I am also hopeful that with the vaccine that OC can get into the yellow tier by late spring/summer