Couple of questions about my Epcot plan

My trip is fast approaching. Our first day in the parks is August 14 at Epcot. I have made a touring plan based on the questionnaire I had the family fill out on importance of rides to be ridden. We are not staying onsite so we are already a bit behind the crowd.

Just want to make sure that I understand this VQ for GOTG. Even though we are not onsite I can get a boarding group at 7am? Can I also get one at 1pm? Or do I need to buy the ILL if I want to ride more than once?


Yes you can get the VQ at 7, if you miss out you can get one at 1 but you can’t have both. You need to buy the ILL to ride twice.


Perfect! Thank you so much.


One more question. When you buy an ILL can you choose your time or do they just give you the earliest time?

You can choose your time, depending on availability. Since you are staying offsite, you are eligible to purchase at park open, and some times may already be gone (taken by onsite guests who can purchase at 7am) - so just be prepared to choose from a potentially smaller selection of time windows.

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Excellent! We are planning a pretty long day there so we should be fine to find a time