Couple of Magic Band questions

Two questions about Magic Bands for our upcoming trip:

  1. We’re three families staying in a 3-bedroom villa, rented points with the reservation under my name and all 10 of us listed. Am I correct in thinking that we can only make one big MB order? If one family were to place their order, everyone else would then be out of luck, right? I’m working on the assumption this is another thing I need to coordinate.

  2. Two in our party are kids under the age of 3, so they don’t have or need tickets. However, I know they WILL want their own MBs and will want to tap in just like big siblings. Can I just deactivate some of our old bands and let them use those? Would that screw anything up? Last time, every time my daughter tapped and got denied, I’d just automatically tell the CM “She’s 2,” and we all kept moving.


Yes one reservation, one order.

Under 3s used to get a free MB too, but I guess you won’t want to pay for one. They’ll be fine with deactivated ones.

Yeah, my DH is not thrilled about paying for them, so glad to know that’s an option. This is the same man who is perfectly happy to pay for multi-room villas for trips, but was irate that CR wanted to charge extra to make s’mores at the fire pit! :rofl:

Thanks for the help!


Everyone’s got a line :joy:

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