Couple of hiccups in app - am I missing something?

I adjusted plans for early park opening that’s working great.

Current challenges:
I have an after park hours Oga’s res (805pm) so am getting error message that it’s after park hours and I need to fix/remove to optimize…

I have Droid Depot in there as well and am getting an error message to add time and duration to that step but can’t for the life of me figure out how/where to do that…

Am I missing something on these?

You can add a break instead of Savi’s…no need to worry about Oga’s since you’ll be heading there as everything else closes. Nice time to go!

I have the same error with Savi’s. Good idea on the break.

Here’s how, on your computer:
On your plan, select the “Edit” button for the Droid Depot step. That opens up a dialog box where you can enter the starting time and the duration. Then select the “Save” button. It brings you back to your plan. At the bottom, in the “Action Required!!” section, click on the blue “Click here to enable Optimize and Evaluate.”