Counterclockwise Touring?

Most of the tips below I get but tour counter clockwise?

I think the directional touring concept is mostly BS. Maybe I'm strange, but if I go to a park (or even a shopping mall) with no pre-set plans or knowledge, I ALWYS go left and follow around in a clockwise direction. But at WDW, I think very few people don't know where the "major" attractions are, and go towards one of them first.

If you head to the left, isn't that clockwise?

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I seem to recall the UG/TP folks doing some sort of investigation into this, and the conclusion was it was not valid.

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@brklinck I read that too. Plus there are so many sites now recommending that you go counter clockwise. One of my friends also recommended going counter-clockwise - I just smiled inside and thought "I know some people who have done some research about that and it's a load of nonsense and makes no difference"

Interesting. I love debunking commonly held beliefs. At MK, I prefer to do my touring by land. I use a TP and try to pick attractions only in certain lands (usually I do Tomorrowland and Fantasyland together, then Adventureland, Frontierland, and Liberty Square with some Main St mixed into both). For other parks, my touring is so scattered and all over the park, I don't think that direction really has much meaning.

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Only in MK do I start counterclockwise. I don't know why, just habit. This past trip we started in Adventureland just to mix it up. We are wild and crazy like that stuck_out_tongue


I've never thought about it but I always go counter clockwise in mk and Epcot... I'm just always scattered and lost in AK and HS! Haha....