Counter Service with Great air conditioning

Please list counter service with great AC. Most youtube videos on great cs do NOT include a separate list for AC. If you have been in the hot summer, please list all you know. TIA!


BOG, Cosmic Rays, Sunshine Seasons, Backlot Express, ABC Commissionary. I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.


Where we have struggled the most is AK with AC. :frowning:

If I am remembering correctly, Pizzafari was very well air conditioned.


That was the only one we could find that was decent. The one by Dinoland was not great.

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Satuli Canteen has indoor seating with AC in AK.

Columbia harbor house and Pinocchio village haus in MK


Be Our Guest and Columbia Harbor House are our go tos in MK. Restuarantasorus isn’t the coolest but has been our go to in AK. There are serve yourself fountain drinks so I love being able to get extra ice for our cooling towels and filling up our water. (Why I like BOG and Backlot too)

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Katsura Grill has a small but nicely air conditioned indoor dining area. We went to lunch a little early just so we could be sure to get a table in the air conditioning.

Where is Katsura Grill?

It is the quick service restaurant in the Japan pavilion.

Thank you! We have not ever tried that one!