Countdowns as of 28/7. Mon


Good morning guys. 76 days to go. How close are you.


Good morning!! 32 days here!


45 days!! Squeeeeeeeel!!




Oooo, 190 now!


20! Good morning fellow VacationEars! smile


Good morning, all. 26 to go.


Mornin'!!! 60 days here.... Starting to get super excited๐Ÿ˜Š have a great day everyone:)


113! I can't wait to to the double digit dance!! dancers

  1. Getting close. Good morning all!


Should be 14. For some reason the 1st digit is dropped when I reply.


I meant the 2nd digit. Not off to a good start today.


50 might be my most interesting trip yet. Taking DD29 and DiL25.


I'M HERE!! well sorta. Drove straight through from NY yesterday with Abbie. Beach today and tomorrow. Sea World Wednesday or Thursday. Aquatica Wednesday ir Thursday. Disney Sat till Tuesday with the kiddo. Disney next Wed with friends. I should just move down here...




Good morning Disney freaks. 5 days. Just gotta survive this hell week at work. Then it's onto Churros and margaritas.

After that, I have 66 days until F&W with @HappyKaren and @GlitchVonSchweetz.

Then 164 until Marathon weekend. Stay Disney my friends.


Good morning @Steve1 and liners all. Have a cup of coffee.โ˜•๐Ÿต (its called sexual chocilate) :๐Ÿ˜‡ 9 days until dcl/wdw quick trip. 327 until family mega trip. Somewhere inbetween for couple only spring break. Gotta use those AP's. So what if we need a new roof.


40!!!! Gotta start soft packing soon!


You drove? That explains it...


Good afternoon everyone