Countdown to vacation

Good morning liners. Thank you to those who urged me to come into this forum. Today I’m at 81 days to returning. How far are you from being there?


Good morning Steve!! Nice to see you here!! 10 days!! I’m not even close to packed. @Luv will pass out.

And 71 and 169.

Glad you’re here!! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

Trying this from my phone for the first time. Good morning Steve and everyone. No countdown for me. But it’s 3:30am and I’m getting ready for work at 4:45

Hi countdown for me . Good morning Steve glad to see you

Three weeks!

'Morning @Steve, morning Liners. 27! Hoping this will be the magic number to get BOG FPP. Have a great day!

Good morning, all. It’s a new era. 31 to go.

20 days!

Good Morning. No countdown for me yet but I always wiggle one in.

40…158…211 morning liners …

How lucky @grump.

17, 331, and maybe one more during spring break. :blush:

Good morning all! First time for me on new forum…112 days for first family trip! :slight_smile:

98 Days until our food and wine trip! Can’t wait! :smile:

91 days. Yay !!!

It only took me all day to find this thread. 114 days! Good night!

Good morning Steve and Liners, so good to see you here. I’m just 51 days away from bouncing back to POR and 140 days from my solo birthday trip at POP. Have a great day!

20 days! :sparkles:

Good morning to all. 43 days and I can’t wait. First time going in September. I hope I don’t cook. :wink:

37 days! This summer has flown by!!!