Countdown to Midnight for New Year's?

Hi there!

We’re staying at the Contemporary Resort for New Year’s Eve (it’s a big splurge for us this time around). We’re considering releasing our ADR for Storybook Dining at Artist Point and booking Countdown to Midnight hosted at the Contemporary.

We do have a theme park view…

So I’m curious if anyone thinks it’s worth booking the C2M event when we’re staying there? I’m on the fence.

I’m sure the F&B options will be delicious and plentiful but it’s more about the fireworks viewing at the end.

I think it is sold out?

There’s an availability now… So idk

Nevermind. Someone got it :frowning:

That event has people watching the fireworks from the front area of the CR? At least that is where I think the Porte-Cochère area is?