Count Down Timer for PC

We are heading to the world in August. My kids are doing a lot of the planning. I would like to put a count down app/widget on our PC but cannot seem to find one. Any suggestions for finding a countdown program I can put on the family PC?

Make a chain of construction paper and let them take a link off each day. The TP app gives the number of days.

Thank you We are doing a craft type calendar but I like the the chain idea. Maybe we will do both. Never too much Disney planning fun. I thought if I could put something on the computer it would be great when they sat down to do homework or other activities to see a ticker.

I wanted to get an app or widget for my PC for this purpose too, but I wasn’t able to find one either. I ended up creating a countdown chart in Excel. The Excel chart automatically adjusts each time I refresh it, and everyday I save a picture of it as the wallpaper on my desktop. I also have charts that track our Disney savings. And I’ve put pictures of the parks or characters in the charts as well.

So, while they’re not automatic like I would prefer, they do help to keep the days left and our goals in mind.

This one’s got an ad in it but it works for me:

Thank you that did the trick

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