Could you take the Minnie van from poly hotel to fort wilderness camp and see all the Xmas lights?

Everyone talks about seeing all the Xmas lights the campers set up. Work the " Minnie van" or driving ur own car around?

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You can not drive inside Ft Wilderness, unless you are a guest at the Ft. To see the lights…

  1. boat to Ft Wilderness, then walk to the closest camping loop.

  2. internal bus, get off at any stop that looks interesting and
    walk around that loop.

  3. make friends with campers, who have a golf cart.

  1. Book a sleigh ride which takes you round the loops I believe.

    I recommend you decide fairly soon, as the sleigh rides tend to get booked up quickly.

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Ohh good idea. I want to do this if we can’t get a room here.