Could we get a new category on the Forum?

Would it be possible to get a new Trip Report Category to go with Dining, Deals Money etc and so on? I love reading trip reports and it would be so much easier to find them if they had their own category.
Just a question



Let us check on that. I think we should ask @len if it is ok?

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Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.

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I like this idea. Although, might I further suggest that it be made it’s own major category, not specifically under “Walt Disney World”? This allows for trip reports across many places, not JUST WDW/Disneyland. For example, my Cedar Point Trip Report had no place it really belonged.


I agree!

Love this idea!!

I agree…I need a proper place for my long winded essays…

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A new Walt Disney World trip report category has been created. If this goes well, we’ll extend it to other destinations.