Could use some help with my itinerary, Please

As I have posted in a few other of my questions, I am so excited to have my chance at a solo trip the last week of August. I’m trying to plan out the little free time I have, this trip is only happening because of a work thing that’s bringing me to CSR. This will be my 14th time to DW but first time solo.
I have a 2 day hopper pass and 2 special after 5pm tickets. This is what I have planned so far:
Flight arrives at 920am. Looking to drop things off at CSR and head over to AK. Spend time there until ??? End the night at Epcot

Tuesday would be at HS RD and pray for a BG. Have tickets to Boo Bash so be at MK by 7.

Meetings are Wednesday and Thursday so thinking one night at Epcot one at MK or maybe both at Epcot.

So the one thing I want to be sure to do but not sure where to fit it is to take the skyliner. Thinking maybe I could fit it in on Tuesday. Also Tuesday I’m stuck on where to eat. Looking for a sit down for late lunch anywhere or dinner maybe around the MK area before Boo Bash.
I’m sure I’m overthinking, just trying to do my best fitting in the important stuff into the little amount of time I have.

Sounds like an awesome trip! Maybe skyliner to Riviera on Tuesday after HS and eat there then bus over to MK. You could eat at Primo Piatta or topolinos. I hear both are fantastic but have not had the chance to try either myself yet.

I would flip your HS day to one of your meeting days, provided you could be available to try and get the BG at the 0700. I worry if you end up with a BG that is late in the day and you don’t get to ride because you want to get to BooBash. Which is unlikely if you get the 0700 queue, so maybe it’s a non issue. I’m just thinking that (so far anyway) you can always show up late for your BG, but if other plans take you away before your BG gets called you’re SOL. Of course if you don’t manage to get the 0700 queue then you’re completely dead in the water since your work meeting would interfere with you being in park at 1pm… oy!

It would look like this, then:
Monday: AK then EP evening. Perfect because EP is open later
Tues: Topolino Breakfast! Then Skyliner to EP, hop to Boo Bash at 7
Wed: HS after work - get BG at 0700
Thurs: MK because it’s always best to say goodbye with a visit to MK.

Would it be possible, and this would hinge on park availability, but to keep my HS for Tuesday, see if I can get an early-ish BG and if not change my park ressies to Epcot then follow your idea? Can you change parks on the day of? I would do it as soon as I find out what BG, so before any parks open.

Yes, that’s totally possible. You can change your park ressie so long as you haven’t checked in and there is availability at the park you want to switch to. Epcot is typically the last to sell out so that might work out well.