Could UOR prices go up in the next 3 months?

I’m looking to go to UOR 1st week of Jan for 2-5 days depending on how long we want to do WDW. We’re booked at WDW the last week of December for 3 days but might want to extend depending on how we feel.

Is there an advantage to locking in UOR tickets now? i.e. is there a possibility ticket prices could go up (or sell out) if I wait til Dec 30 to buy UOR tickets? Would like to stay flex if possible.

I don’t think the question is:

Could UOR prices go DOWN in the next three months?


I know we have observed hotel rates going up on USO property. Usually, ticket prices increase annually.


I’d keep your eyes open for a package. I believe they are running a buy 2 days get 2 days free promo now. Often you can buy these well in advance and use them on your future travel dates.

I have a December trip coming up and got my wife Buy 2 days get 3 days free back in March. I had to tell them the dates, but I got the deal before it expired.

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Thanks for this. It seems they are running a buy X days get 2 days free promo, but there are blackout dates and the first applicable start date for me is Jan3. So what I’m weighing is:

Option A: buy 5 day UOR ticket starting Jan 1st
Option B: buy UOR promo ticket starting Jan 3rd and extend WDW til Jan 2.

(I’m currently at wdw Dec27-29).

This doesn’t sound like a difficult decision.

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Do you, realistically, want to be at WDW on New Years? It’s a big decision! Are there other things you want to do in Orlando on those days that might not cost anything? Or can you add the waterparks at either place for a discount? I don’t know if the cost savings on a Universal promo are enough to justify extra hotel nights or such…That’s completely a personal decision.

There’s no way my family would ever go into a park on those days. Even I would only do it as a novelty. You’re brave enough for going that week as it is!!

My office culture is to vacation around the xmas break period, and DD is off school, so we don’t have a lot of scheduling flexibility. We did New Years at MK last year, wasn’t bad at all. I think the park res system helps ensure they have adequate staffing/capacity/hours in place. And I like G+ crowd optimization challenges :slight_smile:

I’m open to going a few extra days at wdw if that’s what fam wants. Get all the Galaxy’s Edge and World Showcase longing out of our system, eh.

Thanks for the waterpark suggestion, we like VB. Thinking it might be a bit cold for waterparks but maybe if they’re heated? We did go in Cabana Bay pool last year some days and it was nice.


The pools at VB are heated! I have been there in early spring and planning to go on February. Enjoy your vacation!

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I polled the fam and looks like we want to do more wdw than originally planned. Instead of wdw 3, uor 5 we are thinking wdw 5, uor 3.

Shana tova u’m’tuka, btw. It was my new year as well :slight_smile: