Could someone please look at my MK plan?

This will be our first trip to Disney so I really have no idea what to expect. Based on the fact our 2 1/2 days at MK will all be 7, 8 ,9s I’m feeling very intimidated. My TP has me doing a ton of stuff but I’m just thinking with crowds that big there is no way it is all really possible. It will be my husband, our boys (4 and 7 yo) and myself. Can anyone please look at this and tell me if this is a legitimate plan?

In order for us to be able to see your plans you first need to “publish” them (in the Edit Basic Info section) and then post the sharing URLs that the plans give you.
Thank you!

At a quick glance these plans look pretty good. You have a lot of Free Time in MK day 3 (42 min after Step 8 and 53 min after Step 23), so you can probably add more attractions here.

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You are literally all over the map. Will your 4 year old be able to keep up? Maybe consider doing two or three lands each day and repeating favorite rides to reduce the walking. Just saying since I have a DS4 too.

May I suggest the Waffle Fries with Gravy at the Golden Outpost in Frontierland as part of your snack notes @smgregorek?
Also 35 minutes in CHH seems rather rushed to me, even for a clam chowder sit down.

I guess I disagree here. For the most part the walks between attractions are short, generally staying within one area before striking off to another one. I only recall seeing 2 walks of 10 minutes or more, and the vast majority were 5 minutes and under.

Thank you for that input. I just wasn’t sure how quick or fast it usually is to order and sit. I’ll allow for more time.

A 5 minute walk with my son isn’t simple. For reals, the other morning he stopped on the walk from our doorstep to the car to stare at a worm crawling on the sidewalk. Maybe blindfolded the plan could work.

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Thanks for the waffle fries suggestion. Those sound just perfect.

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I am concerned about the “all over the map” as well. We will be brining a stroller to help. I also tried to make most of the large distances in the morning when we are all better rested and keep the afternoon attractions closer together. We will see how it goes the first day or two but my four year old actually does pretty well with walking. We once went on a tour through some caverns that was over three miles of walking and he did it all (uphill and down) when he was two years old without wanting to be held and was able to keep up. We’ve been to other theme parks without a stroller and he’s done well for the day, so hoping the stroller can make him Disney tough. Thanks for your input.


My boys are a pretty athletic 4&6, I’m in your demographic, I’ve been there. Several times. With plans like these, I would FOR SURE bring a double stroller.

My thoughts:
Plan 1: On a busy day, this kind of loop-the-park-for-the-big rides then come back later to fill in the blanks is strategically sound… but your 4-year-old may break into tears at riding Barnstormer and UTS but skipping Tomorrowland Speedway, Winnie the Pool, PP and IASW as you blow by in the morning. You may want to do Buzz/Space/TS then cut across to BTMRR to avoid the temptation of Fantasyland first thing, and fit in Bartnstormer and UTS somewhere else.
Plan 2: A lot of walking and looping to hit headliners, bring your double stroller.
Plan 3: I’m not sure Tigger will be out to meet until 9 am, which backs up your morning plan. Also, that’s a lot of dashing within an hour, Tomorrowland to Fantasyland to Frontierland, after RD. If you feel Splashed and Big-Thundered out by your 3rd MK day, part of your crowd may want to just enjoy Fantasyland for the early morning.

You know what? You’re going to have a great time. Something I notice in your TPs is a lot of re-runs to the big mountains, which is a popular preference. I get it, and it may work perfectly for your family. But by dashing to enjoy (and count) how many times you can get the big rides off your list, you may find that you are just going through the motions on the slower attractions, sitting on IASW wondering how the wait will be for your next ride. Be prepared to abandon the plan if the small people start a mutiny out of park-crossing fatigue.

Thanks for your thoughts. You brought a few issues I hadn’t considered. I Think I’ll copy this plan and see if I can’t make some changes that will either be a good back up if things go south or just a new plan. It’s so hard to try to find balance in walking everywhere but also not spending half the day in lines.
We had gotten rid of our stroller a year ago because neither of my kids ever used it. But I did grab a good sit and stand off Craig’s List a couple months ago so I’m hoping that will keep both kids more rested and happy.

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