We just changed WDW MNSSHP plans due to the weather concerns, and are now going to WDL this week instead. I know we can’t attend the Oogie Boogie Bash, but do people dress up in costumes (non-Disney, like say, a mummy, Mario, Sonic, whatever) during the Disney Halloween season for regular park attendance? We made our own and I’d sure like to have fun & wear them, but not if we’ll look total maniacs :smile:

The parties are the only time adults can dress up in the parks, so no you will not see adults in costumes except on party days. But if you have kids under 12, they can wear costumes during regular park hours. Disney bounding is common though.


What a bummer, but understandable. Thanks for the wisdom!

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Have a good time! We just got home yesterday after 5 days there. It was hot, but otherwise wonderful. DL does Halloween better than WDW. Even without going to a party, you will 100% be immersed in Halloween there.

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Good to know! We’re ready for the heat, we put ourselves through so much 90+ degree park torture this summer already - lol

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Sorry about the last minute change & bummer that the costumes you spent time on won’t get to see a Disney park (this year). As wahoohokie said, they are pretty strict about anyone over 12 in costume but I imagine you would see is everyday if they allowed it. Like a ComicCon all year long. Hopefully you have (an)other event(s) this year they can get some good use!

As for your DL trip, if you have any other west coast questions, let us know!

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Yeah I can see that (comic con atmosphere). I was hoping at least Halloween would be different, but hey it’s all good.

If you feel like offering up any must-know tips, please do and thanks in advance! In between travel and prep, I’ll be reading all that I can related to Genie stacking tips and ride priority, first timer recommendations, etc.

Is DL normally open until midnight, or is that a special schedule because it’s Halloween time? Any expectation that crowds would be considered normal or high?

My number #1 tip on DL is to study up the Genie+ definitely, know your list of must-do’s and just be flexible executing it on the ground. DL is so changeable that any set plan is going to change. I usually only plan our mornings, night show & then any must do eating, leaving the middle of the day flexible to do whatever we want. And I always leave the whole last day planned to pick up what we need to get done. Also, coming from WDW to DL is much less intimidating just by the fact that the real estate is so compact and hopping/getting to the parkg is SO easy so you can rest assured that at least that won’t require too much planning.

As for midnight, I love it when DL is open till midnight. It is indicative of higher crowds, but with the higher crowds & longer hours, the parks will be staffed accordingly and their aim is to make those as painless as possible. So there will be more security staff to get you through bag check, more gate CMs to scan in crowds at a more efficient rate & then the rides that do have flexible ride operating capacity will be running towards their more full capacity, stores & QS restaurants will have more cashiers to check you out faster and so I love going when the operating hours are longer just for that fact. And we almost always take a midday break when it’s hottest/busiest so we can burn the candle on both ends getting up early & staying until park close (if we can).

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