Costumes for girls and boys in hot FL weather

I’ll be in WDW in May with my 3yo DD and 5yo DS. I’m bringing a lovely cotton Alice dress for DD to wear one day. My daughter also loves frilly dresses so I’m looking for one or two short sleeved princess dresses for her. She’ll most likely want to wear the dress all day so I’m hoping to find some that aren’t too hot or itchy. It looks like has some good ones - any other recommendations?

Also, I am pretty sure that DS will feel left out if his little sister gets special dress up clothes and he doesn’t. I do have a “prince” vest kind of like this and a matching crown that he can wear. He can be unpredictably picky in terms of his interests, so I’m looking to come up with a list of Disney-ish options that he can pick from. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Superhero tee shirt with cape and eye mask (he’d just wear coordinating shorts). Maybe Batman or Spiderman. He likes Batman more but I think Disney “owns” Spiderman, not Batman.
  2. Pirate: White tee with edges cut raggedly (or red/white stripe tee if I can find one) and black shorts with red bandana tied around head, a pirate hat (from dress up bin) and red fleece scarf tied around the waist as a sash
  3. Woody from Toy Story: Short sleeved yellow button down shirt and jean shorts with cowboy vest (we have a brown one in our dress up bin), red kerchief tied around the neck, and cowboy hat
  4. White rabbit: Short sleeved yellow collared shirt, bow tie, blue shorts, and rabbit ears. We’d skip the overcoat because, well, FL is hot.

(I know that he’d love to be Cat Boy from PJ Masks but I just can’t think of a costume for that one that wouldn’t be too hot.)

Honestly, I’m not crafty and I’d rather buy a ready-to-go costume, but all the boys ones I’ve found look too hot. Most have long sleeves and almost all have long pants. And I’m too cheap to buy a costume and not use all the parts provided :wink:

Any other ideas for Disney-ish boys costumes that aren’t too warm?

There are a number of really good creators on etsy that do Disney and Disney-inspired costumes. I would check them out.

Sadly, I’m not a super-awesome costume creator either.

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First I’d check if he even wants to dress up. In my experience, while girls like dressing up in costumes, boys tend not to be as interested. Instead, just a themed T-shirt would be enough. (We have four boys, one girl.)

But 5 years old is uncertain in that regard.

I have noticed that at our church for the Awana group, when they have dress-up nights, girls outnumber boys in actually dressing up quite significantly.

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That’s a good point. I think he will - he plays dress up with DD and I have more than one cute pic with him in a princess dress himself :slight_smile: - but I shouldn’t assume that he’ll feel that way in the park.

@MouseGirl42 I’ll look on etsy, too. I haven’t had much luck with lightweight costumes elsewhere, but I haven’t checked there yet. This is such an unusual problem for me, since we live in New England. I’m usually worrying about Halloween costumes being warm enough and trying to find ways to add (and hide) warm layers!

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For girls, check adorable essentials. They have cute princess inspired tops that are light cotton and perfect for parks instead of traditional “costumes”. My youngest boy likes dress up too—but he was content with pirate hat, mickey ears, etc not full costumes so can’t direct there

Think they are called playground princess on adorable essentials

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Those are cute! Thanks!

Mike Wazowski: a lime green t-shirt with a giant eyeball and smile

Sully: A neon blue shirt with purple patches.

Mickey: a tuxedo style shirt with red shorts and ears

Peter Pan / Robin hood: a grass green t-shirt, darker green shorts with a cute brown fedora with a feather in it.

Wreck-it Ralph: orange t-shirt with brown shorts and crazy spikey hair. Also wear a medal.

Jack-Jack: Red all over, incredibles logo on chest. Black eye mask, “Alfalfa sprout” hair-do.


I’ve got a million of them. I design shirts as a second job so this just comes to me.


Great ideas would love to see your work.

Feel free to message me. I don’t think we are allowed to “advertise” on here.

I have bought a lot of costumes from this etsy shop. They are pricey, but so so well made.

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Those are so cute! I do wish they had short/cap sleeves rather than tank-style sleeves. My daughter is very fair and her shoulders in particular tend to burn, even through repeated applications of sunblock. Still, I really appreciate the recommendation! Maybe I can use a short sleeved white button down shirt to slip over the dresses (leaving it unbuttoned) if we’re in the sun for a while…

Take a look at little dress up shop too. They sell the same brand (Little Adventurers) as Mom Approved Costumes, but they seem to have more in stock, great customer service, and free shipping. I can’t say enough good things about dresses from there as I have 4 little girls (3, 3, 3, and 1) and they wear those dresses every single day. They are soft, not itchy, washable, and can be put on without help. As for boy dressups I believe they have some superhero things as well as Star Wars and pirate costumes. Hope that helps!

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Thanks, @nelsonfam7! That dos help.

I live in the desert and my daughter (5 1/2) loves wearing these dresses during the hot seasons. Kohls has several styles. They’re light weight but still fun and princess-y. They’re technically listed as night gowns but you can’t tell.

For my two year old boy, we’re just going with character clothing. He is obsessed with Lightning McQueen so that makes it easy for us though. Anything Lightning and he’s happy.

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Also, my daughter has sensory issues with clothing but she has had no issues with these dresses/nightgowns itching or otherwise irritating her.