Costco Travel Refund Policy

I’m doing some research to see what my family might do for a trip this summer if the stars align.

At this point Disney is going to have to roll out some seriously good deals for us to visit this year. There’s a good possibility we might jump over to UOR, (although I’m a bit worried about the effects of so many screen motion rides there.)

Today’s Disney didn’t really do much for me at all - the best rates I found for us was Pop for $214 per night and Coronado for $244, both standard. Considering we stayed at CSR for $155 through Hotwire last summer, that’s a great big meh for me.

So, I took a look at Costco travel to see if anything good - and… nothing to get excited about.

In fact, the Pop package with 5 day PH was $3,560 - which is almost exactly what I priced out in 2018 for a 5 night stay at Beach Club (through MVT) and buying tix through Undercover Tourist!

But, what really got me: when I clicked the cancellation policy at Costco Travel: apparently it is IMMEDIATELY 75% non-refundable! Who is booking that in this pandemic time?

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Whoa… need to always read the fine print :face_with_monocle: :open_mouth:


That is insane. Especially considering booking direct you can get a full refund up to 30 days out.


At Costco Travel if you jump over to Universal packages, for essentially the same price* you can stay at a Deluxe instead of a value (Portofino Bay), so get unlimited Express pass & early entry, and get 5 day park to park tix!

*The UOR Portofino package is actually about $360 more than the Disney Pop package, but they also give you a $233 Costco gift card. So, close to a wash in price.


(and maybe modify within that 30 days to a different date and then cancel…)