Costco $20 GC with car rental

Deal: Costco Travel - $20 GC with car rental booking through 8/31/17

In June I booked our car rental with Costco Travel for our August trip. I found a “standard van” (Like 8 pgr Toyota Sienna) for $358, mush less than anyone else is renting minivans for.

Costco’s car rental reservations are fully cancelable, so I have been checking once in awhile to see if the price dropped.

Well last night the price was the same but now they are giving a $20 Costco Cash Card with each reservation. I believe you have to book by 8/31/17.

I was able to book a new reservation for the same car and dates and then cancel my first one with no charge.

Hello extra $20! #thankscostco

Costco is always dependable with good rates for car rentals, and it always pays to periodically recheck your rates.

We are Costco member here in the UK. Have any UK members managed to do this through Costco (UK)?

Something I will certainly look into.