Cost to add a day while at the parks

I don’t see any recent posts on this topic, so wondering if anyone has updated information about adding a ticket during your trip? DH, and two DD and I are going first week of January and we had been planning to do 4 days (1/3-1/6). Now I am thinking of getting 5 days in case we want to go on 1/7. I was about to the book the 5 day and thought if we don’t use it, we will just eat the cost. But then I decided to research if I can just buy the 4 day and upgrade to the fifth day instead depending on how the week goes, so I don’t risk the money in case we don’t go that day.

Sounds like the last post on this implied it may be more expensive to add the extra day later, so hoping for any updated information!

I guess the other risk is park reservations since it’s marathon weekend…

I think I just talked myself into buying the 5 day, but going to throw this out there for input anyhow!

You have to be careful, because SOME CMs have done the upgrades and charge the per day average price instead of the difference in price between the 4 and 5 day tickets. When they do it that way, it ultimately charges you way too much. Instead, you should already have looked up the price difference between the 4 and 5 day and make sure they charge you accordingly.


I got nervous and bought the five day for the whole family just in case, especially taking into account park reservations. :slight_smile:

I have another crazy question that is somewhat related. Can you use two day tickets in one day - to go to different parks? This would be cheaper than upgrading the whole thing to park hopper. Is it possible?

Unfortunately no, you cannot. You can use 2,
1-day tickets in a single day but that is more costly than upgrading to PH.

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Darn! I guess they figure out all the angles, huh? :slight_smile:

Can’t afford to upgrade all the days to park hopper - and that’s the only choice, right? I was hoping I could buy a 6th day and just use to have a date night elsewhere than MK on Friday after doing a couple MK hours during the day. Oh well. Thanks!

It’s $60 flat rate upgrade for PH, per ticket, not per day. So 60 total whether you park hop one day or a full week.

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The price for park hoppers isn’t quite so easy. The price changes depending on number of days…

This is from Mousesavers…

thanks! you’re totally right, don’t know why i had that other figure in my head.

Have you looked at the TP recommended ticket sellers?
I bought my tickets from there. I’d been on the fence about park hoppers, but most of the discount was on the park hoppers. When I compared the cheapest 10-day base tickets to the cheapest 10-day PH tickets the difference was around $50 after tax. My original plan was to add PH while there if we wanted. But the price would have been more then.

Of course, if all you are wanting is for one date night, maybe put the money toward transportation to and from someplace outside of Disney.

I did price the PH but it would be more than adding another day, and since I already added an extra day to our original plans, I don’t think DH is going to get on board with that. :slight_smile: Going from 5 day to 6 day for just me and DH would only be around $25 a ticket, which is why I had the idea to just use our day 5 at MK with the kids during the day and our day 6 at night to go to AK again.

Oh! And yes, I used the TP awesome tool to find the best deal on tickets!

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