Cost of Disney Rain Ponchos

Does anyone know the cost of the disney rain poncho in the parks? I see they have them on the disneystore for $8.45 and $7.51.

Is that the same cost as in the parks?

My family likes that they say disney on them and the reviews seem to say they are quite sturdy and re-usable. Wondering if they are the same price in the parks or if I should order them before.


Don’t order them before… Then you’re just asking for rain :wink: I don’t recall the cost…$11? The kid sizes ones are perfect and if they rip you can just exchange it for another one :slight_smile:

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We bought some cheap ponchos on Amazon before our trip. We ended up using them, but I was jealous of those who had the official Disney ponchos. Plus they definitely did look like they were a much better quality than ours. I want to say that they were somewhere between $9 and $11.

They cost about $10 in park, but are really good plastic and have a lifetime guarantee on them. They will replace it no questions asked if it rips!! I think it’s not worth carrying them from home just to save about $2 @staceyj!

Got them last week, $9 ish. It’s good to just get them if you need them rather than lugging them around. I always bring some from home but they are inevitability left in the room when it starts raining. 0lus they’re replacable if ripped

We always buy a supply at Walmart, their fishing supply aisle, for about $1.00 each, and carry one for each of us with us at all times. At that price I don’t care if it rips or has on decoration.

Ok - you convinced me! I will just wait to see if it rains. :smile:

I know that 14 day forecasts are ridiculous, but I look every day anyway and I am pretty sure t-storms are in my future.

Thanks for the replies! :wink:

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