Cost Breakdown Question

This is a kinda silly question, but does anyone know if there’s someplace on MDE that you can see a detailed bill of your vacation? My sister is trying to pay for my niece to go with us and I can’t find a statement that gives any information…I just have a total cost.

I could contact my agent, but I don’t want to bother her unless I really need to.

To get the breakdown, I go in myself and put in the resort and write down the cost, add the parks and note the price increase and then add dining and do the same. They don’t break it down for you.

I tried to do that, but POFQ is completely sold out and I cant add the room rate.

Is she an adult? Are you getting an extra room for her? I think it is $15 extra a night per adult? Is she already on your reservation?

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You could back into it by first calculating tickets, then any dining plan if you added that, then airfare if you added that. They won’t give you a breakdown on MDE. You might be able to call Disney directly to get this info. Every time I call, it’s a guaranteed 10 min phone call, minimum.

Yes, she’s considered an adult since she’s 13. She IS on the reservation already and I don’t believe they charged any fees for her being in the room, since there was only 3 of us to begin with (her being 4), The only charge appears to be the park tickets.
We currently have the dining plan included in the cost, but I believe we will be dropping that before payment, but that’s also not helping as far as calculating cost.

If she is under 18 there is not a cost to add her to your room. So the only cost would be dining plan and tickets.