Cortisone cream in MK?

I’ve got a friend in the World right now. They are staying at CBR, and asked at the store there, but they don’t carry cortisone cream. Any ideas of places that do carry, or could carry, it at the MK? I told them to ask for some at First Aid, but I know it would be easier to be able to buy some.

I have bought it in a resort store- did they ask?

I’ll ask! I think they are visiting a different resort for dinner, so they could check there, too. Thanks!

We needed cough syrup one time in MK for my husband (had the last lingering cough effects of a sinus infection) and went into Mickey Star Traders (big store in Tomorrowland) and if you ask a CM, they have a big selection of that kind of stuff in a special bin behind the counter , lol. He even told me they have deodorant and sometimes in the FL humidity “have to give that away”! :joy:

I’m assuming this still exists but it might not: There’s a merchandise hotline that any CM at any merchandise location should be able to call. (The CM has to call, you can not.) The CM manning the hotline has the ability search the merchandise database of the entire WDW property to tell you where you can buy something. So if the store doesn’t have it, ask them if that hotline still exists. If not, check with the front desk, they’re usually a wealth of knowledge. Also, First Aid at any of the parks has cortisone cream.