Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 2

I wouldn’t count on it given the changes WDW has made to the mask policy in the past without much notice. We have made our decision to wait to go to WDW until our kids are vaccinated. Even then, I think we will elect to wear masks in indoor crowded areas like the Frozen Sign Along queue and theater.

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And unfortunately the a-holes don’t get it, nor care. I’m really effing sick of people. I’ve lost a lot of patience with humanity this year.


On a lighter note…for your 2020.1 oddities bingo card…is “a mouth full of feathers” considered a 5D ride or…?


I’m curious what part of the state you are in.

We’re in the “Piedmont” about an hour north of Charlotte.

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I’m very South south Charlotte. Our state cases are terrifying right now, but are mostly concentrated and more rural areas.

I remember when Fabio took a bird to the face on Apollo’s Chariot’s opening at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

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I double masked at work from December until full vaccination in May. Wore an N95 on bottom and a reusable mask in top (Eddie Bauer mask with filter). I was able to get a week out of N95 mask (as the top mask protects the N95 from absorbing too much moisture/particles). I’m going to start masking again at work with a KN 95 mask (bought N95 and KN 95 in bulk back in April - sadly I thought we would be here again :frowning:

Now to decide if I want to cancel my Sept 5-12 Disney and Universal trip. I have until August 9 to decide. Didn’t think I would have to make this choice, (thought we would be good until holidays) but here we are.


Today YLE posted an Olympic update.

As of today, the case count is at 91 people, including 10 athletes. (Most are contractors working on the event.)

Here is a link to the tally through 7/17. Not sure if it’s being updated going forward or not:

Best case scenario is that these are people arriving already positive and with the protocols in place, there will be minimal spread and the games will be able to go on relatively unhindered,

If anyone is wondering (because I’m sure y’all are!), we’re getting takeout wings to watch the tape-delayed opening ceremony tonight as a family. Really looking forward to it!


I’m super excited to watch the opening ceremonies tonight! I have my DVR set to record everything. We usually watch a smattering of events throughout.


I literally watched every minute of coverage of the 2010 winter games. (I was nursing 3 month old twins. There were many, many sleepless nights. I recorded and watched it ALL.) :joy::joy::joy:

We’ll definitely be watching highlights throughout.

We often try to time our vacations to specifically coincide with the summer games. We’ll road trip and I’ll entertain DH by reading coverage while he drives during the day and then watch in the evenings. That was actually the plan last summer. :persevere:

We briefly entertained the idea of going to Tokyo - 2 bucket list items (Tokyo and Olympics) - then realized it was going to be outrageously expensive for a family of 6 - those savings paid for our Jan 2020 Disney trip. So glad we didn’t go forward with the Japan plans! :sweat_smile:


I’m super excited for them too! My bff and her hubby were supposed to go to Japan last year for their 10th anniversary and to see the Olympics too. Womp womp.

I just messaged the school committee about this today. They will be talking to their medical team over the next few meetings. She assured me that a lot of parents have reached out with concerns.

Got this email today, thought it was kinda neat.[pull]=omeda|9227D1463678E5D&oly_enc_id=9227D1463678E5D


also another cool one about kids and their Antibody response[pull]=omeda|9227D1463678E5D&oly_enc_id=9227D1463678E5D


Highlights from today’s BCM briefing.

The case trajectories in least vaccinated states are significantly more concerning than those in the most vaccinated states.

Some not so good news…
AZ (used widely in the UK) just isn’t holding up well to the Delta variant. 40% of their hospital admissions are fully vaccinated.

But there is some good news!

  1. In the US, still only 3% of hospital admissions are fully vaccinated.

  2. IIRC, about 10% of those vaccinated in the US used J&J and the rest have been one of the mRNAs, Pfizer or Moderna. There was some concern about J&J possibly performing similarly to AZ since they are the same vaccine platform. (DH, DD20, and I all got J&J.) But latest lab results look like J&J should be able to neutralize Delta. And past variant natural infection antibodies might be just barely enough (but that might depend on how severe the original case was so vaccination is still highly recommended).

Note that a single dose of the mRNAs was unable to neutralize Covid, so if you know people that haven’t gotten the second dose, you might want to make them aware.

I have an aunt that was advised not to get the 2nd dose because she broke out in a severe rash after the first dose several months ago. I messaged her today. Not directly related to the above news, she actually got her 2nd dose two days ago to be able to unmask at work. She took Benadryl after and went straight to bed and did better with this dose. :white_check_mark:


Fascinating! This is some of the info I’ve been looking for, as I’m trying to wrap my head around whether DS10 has any natural immunity from his early March infection. That will soon be 5 months. Is there any indication of the shelf life of antibodies in natural infection towards Delta? My mRNA vaccine is the same age as his infection, so it does make me wonder. But then again, I don’t have the science brain to wrap my head around this unless it’s spelled out.

I grabbed this from his video today, too.

As if somehow the hard numbers might convince someone it’s worth being vaccinated as this wave of covid is upon us.


I know I’ve seen something recently, but I can’t remember where…I looked back a few places with no luck…and I think it was about durability in general, not necessarily against Delta…

And the added complexity is, it sounds like it varies from individual to individual pretty significantly, a lot more than the vaccines. And my understanding is there also seems to be a rough correlation between severity of the infection and the immunity level generated. (Greater severity->greater protection)

I’ll definitely keep my eyes open.

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@ppehap Would you like a side of “this weather system could go anywhere!” to go with your 4th course of global pandemic? :joy::persevere::joy::persevere::joy::persevere:

Our weather guy:
“Go ahead…insert your favorite meteorology joke here.”