Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 2

@PrincipalTinker Thought of you when I heard that my daughter’s high school will be offering COVID vaccinations on site next week. My daughter has already started her series through another site, but I am glad they’re offering it. Her school is the poorest and most ethnically diverse (majority minority) in Tacoma. I’m sure many of the kids’ parents are undocumented.


Yay! Such great news!


I hope they’re only doing this with parental consent??

Of course. For 16 and 17 year old students. 18 year old students can sign their own consent.


The secretary for my PCP called around noon to invite DH and I to come to the office today for J&J. I didn’t call her back.

Then 15 mins ago the MD herself called to tell us she had some doses left that will expire tonight if we wanted to come for them.

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Are you going to go?

PA’s vaccination plan was horrible at first, but it seemed to go much better as more vaccines arrived and they finally settled on a decent plan.


Sorry. I was just sharing how easy it would be now.
(I am not. If I do get one I would want J&J, but I’d want to discuss bc my age and female etc.)

Today I was surprised to randomly look out the window and see my DS12 and DD9 outside playing with another child. He goes outside but is always alone and we rarely see another child playing outside. The problem was, nobody had masks, and they kept getting very close. (!!!) My response was to go out and offer masks. I was worried the other mom would be upset at me for offering her son a mask (disposable) but he disappeared and then came back with his own mask. The playing didn’t go on much longer after that, but it wasn’t the masks that stopped it. I feel so awkward about all that. I don’t know the child or the family. But our #s here are still really, really bad so I was pretty scared. It turned out they hadn’t been playing out there long before I saw. When we go out for a walk together we have masks available and use them if someone approaches, but I haven’t needed them for the kids just hanging out in the yard before. I know that outside is supposed to be ok, but still…and all outdoor mask mandates were just lifted in Maryland…but my part of Maryland is not in a good place virus wise…


Many of us will struggle … I am struggling to know how to move fwd. I’m going to choose to be kind to myself :kissing_heart:


Snow misdelivered again! We are going to have a hard fire season.


I was going to blame you again. But since I’m leaving to go visit DS29 in ABQ, I was feeling rather charitable. :rofl: I will have left this frozen wasteland by the time the next storm hits.

Road trip this time, yahoo!! After we visit him, it’s on to TX for my nephew’s graduation.

I hope you don’t have a bad fire season. CA never seems to be spared. if there’s too much snow there’s too much grass fuel come fall, and if it doesn’t snow it’s too dry!

One lucky thing for me is I live near a National Forest and they are really good about reducing fuel loads. There’s a big project this summer to do that around the ski resort. And they’ll burn up our slash for us if we clean up our own property. I’ve had our place trimmed, cleaned up and thinned 3 times already. Even wild land doesn’t just sit there- if you don’t manage it, it ends up a weedy, overgrown fire hazard with poor habitat.


Just saw on my newsfeed on my phone that Canada has approved Covid vax for 12-15 year olds!


So DFB posted something about the FL governor’s new order. One thing reported incorrectly is about Mayor Deming; he did indeed respond to the new order. Since the governor signed it w/o notice to any of the local leadership Deming said he hadn’t read or seen it and would address it after he had access. I know there has been a lot of tension between DeSantis and the mayors of Orlando and Miami/Dade that are fighting the highest C-19 numbers in the state.

Disney World Responds to Florida Governor’s Order Suspending Local COVID-19 Regulations | the disney food blog


I know there are some people that won’t go to Disney while masks are required (some figuring it’s a sign it’s not safe enough to go, some because of mask aversion). I’d personally seriously reconsider our June trip if there was no mask requirement. I’m wondering what the over/under of those two groups is?


There was an article about masks at the airport and now I can’t find the link to read it. However, I think airports/airlines have to follow the federal guidelines and not state rules. It’s one of the reasons we have been going to the AFB commissary instead of the local grocer. I think ppl traveling into FL might be more inclined to wear a mask but locals are already giving businesses a hard time about requiring masks due to the governor’s announcement that doesn’t even go into effect until July 1st. The July 1st date was to allow time for businesses to make adjustments. If the CDC says it’s ok to be outdoors w/o a mask as long as you are distanced… I don’t see how Disney could do that since there are so many bottle necks and some ppl refuse to stay on their distanced markers. Also the CDC states indoors w/ masks w/ strangers and I think restaurants are already pushing that limit. I am going to keep my mask on around strangers for now, even though I’m vaccinated. I don’t think Disney can just go back to pre-covid days yet even if the FL governor wants them to do so. I know the Orlando Mayor is in communication w/ Disney and will have something to say about it.


I think Disney could probably remove the outdoor mask mandate and just move it to indoors. However the main reason I think they won’t is because it’s too hard to selectively enforce mask wearing. You’d have to have someone stationed at every entrance to a building reminding people to mask up. And when folks arrive at the front gates, there would be no way to know who is equipped with a proper mask and who isn’t. So to simplify enforcement, they will probably keep the universal mask mandate until the pandemic is under control.


I think there’d also be some gray area in some of the queues as to where the change from outside to inside happens.


Exactly. It would be a constant battle.


I think we’re at a point where it’s unfair for somebody no matter what. It’s unfair for a vaccinated person to have to wear a mask around anywhere. But also unfair to ask anyone still vulnerable to feel ok where there are no masks. How does one pick the optimal point in time where the latter group is small enough that it’s prudent to no longer hold the former group back?

I don’t envy anyone in charge of making these choices. I can easily have a rigid opinion from the peanut gallery, but to actually make the decisions that affect people’s lives in a myriad of ways is another thing.