Coronavirus Outbreak: Is it safe to travel?

North OC is generally less crowded, but maybe not enough. I would find it hard to completely avoid the boardwalk, but it depends what you like and how determined you are to limit contact.

Just based on my own experiences, I don’t see the DE beaches being any better. Yes, they are smaller overall, but a lot of people crammed in. And Rehoboth, is also a partially a party town. Bethany seems to me overrun nowadays.

I don’t know what is opened foodwise. The Starboard opened June 1 (I still get emails, LOL). i think that date was the official date for phase 1 openings.

In OC, Thrashers has most definitely been opened. I’ve seen the lines on the webcam specifically trained on that line. Backshore Brewing is open (also webcam). So you’re assured of a beer and fries diet. :rofl:

Overall, I would keep an eye on it. Last weekend is not a good judgement point; weekend after Mem Day wknd is always low crowds (best weekend of summer to go!). Just watch and see how things go is the best you can do. Ultimately it’s a personal choice.

We have been down there without going to the boardwalk. But we don’t typically go down for a week. We are doing 3 nights. Most of the time, we end up eating outside even in normal times, as the bay and ocean breeze makes things feel a lot more comfortable.

The beaches in the north are not free of people, but there are less of the bigger hotels, so there is more room to spread out.

Honestly, I’m not really worried about the virus at this point. I take my precautions and wear a mask when I need to, but I’m not stressing over it. By August, when we are going to OC, things are probably going to look a lot different. I can see there being concerns for June, but I have heard of a good many people heading to the DE and MD beaches and they aren’t having any issues. But everyone needs to make their own risk assessment for their families and do what is best for them.

Edited to add: I’ve had Thrashers fries. We have a local fry place that is very similar to Thrashers, so I don’t usually feel a need to purchase them unless I have a craving for fries while in OC.


I have to be worried about the virus because I live with someone with high risk factors. It’s frustrating because my kids have asked me maybe 50 times in the past few weeks if we can go to the beach, and I think it’s sort of ok in theory, but I can’t get over the logistics of it. I hate eating outside, especially when it is hot, which is just one example of why an Ocean City trip might just not work for us right now. And is the indoor pool in the resort we always stay at safe? That is the best part of our trips typically, but also typically very crowded. The worst thing is that one of the kids on my DD8’s school zoom watched the zoom while she was in the car on the way to OC, and now my DD8 is really angry at me that I won’t plan for her to do the same thing. I’m sure this will happen a lot as things open up but my husband and I are reluctant to do things. At least the school zoom is over (as of yesterday).


Sorry, I have been working all day (outside, full sun, almost 90-in a mask- but so “worth it” for our seniors)…

Was this change posted?

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I agree there are lots of things that could make the virus look “weaker”. It’s possible that the folks who had it first were just more susceptible. It does take a certain dose- one or two virions probably aren’t enough, one’s body can fight that off. But if one has a lowered immune system, they’d not only be more likely to become infected with a lower dosage, they’d also be more likely to be ill.

The ones who are hit hardest, may be hit first, not the other way around.

Went out to lunch in my little town. It was moderately busy, mostly regional visitors. Masks nowhere to be seen except on our waiter, who was an Italian (not Italian-American) from NY, who went to great lengths to explain they’d all been in quarantine on a nearby ranch for two weeks. (And having a great, time, too!).

We weren’t worried, but I felt bad for her having to explain. It sounded as if she was worried others might think she was running away from the virus, which of course we knew she wasn’t because this particular restaurant is run by Italians- every summer, not just this one.

It was great to eat out again. Capacity was only 50%, they had the doors & windows open, it was a nice day to feel normal again. I had cacio e pepe and two peach Bellinis. Ahhhhh…


Ugh. Who has “tornados in Orlando” on their 2020 Disaster Bingo card? It’s TS Cristobal related…


It’s very hard to say what things will look like in coming months, especially now with the protest crowds. definitely a highly individualized decision.

I hear this. That heat and humidity works a number on you. Too bad Ocean City Brewing closed. That place was huge and would have been perfect for indoor socially distanced dining.

I’ve had similar issues. Some people have just decided this is no big deal, a hoax, worth the risk, etc. DS is also of an age that he understands intellectually, but it still upset when he has had to watch so many other kids and their families operate as usual. I have nothing to offer you other than solidarity. :neutral_face:

I don’t understand the love and definitely not the standing in long lines for them. Or Kohr Bros ice cream, taffy - really anything.
Around the turn of the century, there was a place in Dewey called Fatty Patty’s. The greatest fries I’ve ever had. I might wait in line for those if they still existed. But probably still not. :grinning:

I also don’t want to walk around with food on the boardwalk or near. Those seagulls are aggressive and scary!

So, there was an interesting experience in my town this weekend. This is typically Hot rod weekend here. Tons of classic cars and a huge car show at our fairgrounds. People come from states away to participate. People in the area sit along the main bypass/road in lawn chairs to watch the cars pass. It was cancelled for obvious reasons.

My family went out for ice cream and a drive. We saw hot rods everywhere. Not as many as the real deal, but still a lot. Here there was a huge informal hot rod show at a bunch of the strip malls along the road. People were everywhere and there were even food trucks.

This is why I think most people will return to normal and it will not take years.

Also, TJ Maxx is open. There is a line to get into the store, which is so 4-6 weeks ago in this area. I haven’t gone in yet.


I was listening to an interview last week, and the subject of Sturgis came up. Apparently this year is the 80th anniversary of the rally. Before all this hit, they were expecting at least 1million. The interviewee still expects at least 500,000, especially given SD never shut down. August is a long way off; but it will all be interesting.

I have to admit that this morning I did some test searches on the Ocean City’s Francis Scott Key resort (where we’ve stayed twice before) just to see if they have availability for mid August. They do. No beach shuttle or arcade but pools are open, even the indoor one, and also the mini golf. I wonder about staying somewhere else that doesn’t have an indoor pool to avoid the temptation though, since that’s always really crowded and we love it. Don’t tell my kids I looked at this…it’s too iffy even to think about…the sushi place we love, OC Wasabi, is still open with take out…

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I just renewed my TP subscription today, too. We are hoping to go during the Flower and Garden Festival some day… Keeping current helps. I was so overwhelmed trying to get ready for our December 2019 trip. I couldn’t have pulled it off with the Forum and Lines people (Thank you!). But, I don’t think my family appreciated how smoothly the days went. :neutral_face:


This “social bubble” concept is rather hilarious. Who will stay in the same social bubble for 3 weeks before moving to the next social bubble?

Besides more people have returned to work, people are out and about (albeit with masks), and people have been having driveway, backyard, and front door chats at appropriate social distance for weeks now. In Alameda County, we have about 3,800 cases and just over 100 deaths (mostly from nursing homes). The number of deaths have been 1-4/day for more than 2 months. While the public health officials won’t loosen up SIP that much, many people have returned to some semblance of normality with precautions. I know some people who haven’t left their homes since March 17th. And they are not necessarily in the high risk category. They are just afraid. Two families of elderly neighbors we have been shopping for returned to the stores after Memorial Day. They refuse to stay home. They put on their masks and happily back out of their drive ways.



Went to Yellowstone again yesterday, we made it over the pass before they closed the road behind us at 6 am due to snow. HP said “go straight through and don’t stop.” :grimacing: DH said he’d be worried if it were fall, but since its spring worse case scenario they’d find us in a day or two.:roll_eyes:

Many more people this weekend. People I’m sure are unfamiliar with the rules. Saw not one but three (big) dogs being walked on the trails- I have never seen that before. One family we talked to were super sweet, just clueless. The owners of the other dogs got caught by rangers, who were not nearly as nice as we were!

I think we are going to have a lot of incidents this year.


I notice CA’s numbers have been flat for a long time. Do you think that people never obeyed the shut down that well, it didn’t work for various reasons or people are somehow naturally matching their activity to the risk? Or some other reason?

The profile of CA’s “curve” looks to me like a state that never had much of a shutdown, although the absolute figures might be a lot lower because they did. But it’s interesting to wonder why the virus does not seem to be declining there. But also was never as prevalent as in other places, either.

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whispers I won’t tell :grinning:

For me, the indoor pool would be problematic. Even if they are limiting numbers, people - especially kids - screaming and engaging in usual pool type behavior seem to me to be great for spread in the air and then contained indoors.

So if you think the indoor pool will be a major unwanted battle with your kids, maybe this trip is a good time to “try someplace new”.


Big news today:

I have heard of computer search metadata being used to alert researchers regarding epidemics before, as well.

Which may mean this article from April wasn’t just rumors:

Maybe that’s why this was a bad flu year before the SARS-2 virus “arrived” on our shores. If I had thevflu this year, I’d sure want to get an accurate COVID antibody test done.


the intelligence warnings stories have been circulating since at least March. To me it’s a major early failure along with the CDC test development debacle.


If Trump or any other politician really wanted to walk the walk on bringing back manufacturing to the US, drug manufacturing is the best and most important place to start. Particularly precursors, antibiotics, and vaccines.

from 2009:


Yes, our hospitals were swamped this year and there were a lot of kids out of school sick. January and February were hard hit. The doctors reported it was a bad flu and virus season.