Coronavirus Impact on Crowds for Spring Break at Universal?

I know there’s been room cancellations and now there’s room specials for Spring Break. What do you think the impact on the crowds will be? I’m trying to decide if I still need to buy Express Passes.

You can actually wait and buy UXP at the parks on the day of your visit. You can get them at the main gate and / or most of the larger shops in the park.

I thought of that too, but I’m worried they will still be super crowded and they’ll be sold out the day of.

The only times I’ve ever heard of UXP selling out is during Christmas and even then not always. It’s very rare that it happens

Great! Thanks for that info.

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Although with pretty much every major university/university system going to online only for the rest of the semester, things could pick up at all the parks.

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