Coronado Springs vs. Pop vs. AS Movies

I’ve never stayed at either CS or Pop and stayed at ASMo once about 12 years ago. We usually stay at CBR or POR when we go with the whole family. There are 6 (2 adults, 2 teens, 2 kids) so we will get two rooms and I need to stay in the bubble. All three of these are budget-friendly (as much as you can for 9 days for 6 at WDW) with the new offer I got. It’s about $40/night/room more at CSR than Pop. And Pop is about $15/night/room more than ASMo. I assume that the deal at CSR is b/c of the construction. Will construction “ruin” the resort atmosphere? We are going in March. The pool is closed at CSR through mid-December supposedly. Are the moderates’ amenities that much better? What is the size comparison feel of the resorts/number of people? We will use Disney transport unless resort hopping. Will probably want to swim. Will probably eat at hotel QS a couple times. I don’t see many people post about CSR but lots like Pop. WWYD?

I just stayed at Coronado Friday night! I loved it! I actually have found that the resorts under construction can be very positive experiences. I actually prefer the CS new rooms to some of the deluxe rooms!

We are at Rix’s twice and the service, food, and drinks were great!


Thanks. Great pix! Definitely considering CS now
Did you use buses? Is the resort really big or seem smaller now that the new tower is going up?

++ @PrincipalTinker … Same experiences this time last year. CSR could be considered a deluxe resort except for the fact that is relies solely on bus transportation.

I usually do a “split stay” and spend the last night at an All Star, and then depart pre-dawn the next morning. I can definitely appreciate the difference between a resort like CSR and an All Star.