Coronado Springs standard rooms

Hi! We are finally rebooking last year’s trip. I think I am booking Coronado due to FQ not opening. My question is do I need to book preferred due to the size? My agent said the preferred is not much cheaper than the tower. Is it a big mistake just to get the standard view to save money? My parents are coming along (with a scooter), so I don’t want to have them trek forever to the bus stop. Are there any decent rooms fairly close to transportation that are not the upgraded price? If not, I will think of the tower.
Sorry, I think I might have asked this question before, but I can’t find it, and I’m being too lazy to look.

We always stay in 8000s casita I think. Bus stop near by. Easy trek w/ scooter. Right on a quiet pool too. Near stop 4 cuz 1 is last pick up, if I remember


This is where we stayed. Standard room lake view was nice. Easy walk to bus and pool and laundry. A bit far from the lobby and tower, but that was not a big deal for us. We walked that way once a day at most.

Thanks! It’s our first time at that resort, so I appreciate the info. So would that just be the luck of the draw, like a room request to get that area?

We stayed in building 4 of the Casitas, which was the closest standard rooms to bus stop #2. That stop is the first stop for theme park buses. Since one of your parents has a scooter, using that bus stop might be a good choice. That building was reasonably close to the main buildings and food, but that was before they built GD.

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So it seems like Casitas is the area to go for. I wonder if everyone tries for that and it will be hard to get a request?

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I don’t think it will too hard. They are four-story buildings. I’ve seen a good mix of answers by others on which section they prefer.

As I understand it, if you are not in the Tower, you will be assigned to Casitas. Unless it has changed in the past couple of day, Ranchos and Cabanas are not open.

Thanks! We just booked today for middle of July.

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I’d keep an eye out, but unless they vastly increase numbers for the parks, odds are they’ll keep it to just Tower and Casitas.