Coronado Springs Refillable Mug

I’m heading to CS next week and am contemplating buying the refillable mug. I don’t drink regular milk with my coffee but use almond or soy. Does anyone know if they offer alternative options with the coffee or is it just regular milk? Won’t be worth it for me to buy the refillable mug if that’s not an option. Thank you for the help!

I don’t believe milk is included at all with the mug. They may have mik alternatives in the gift shop, but I’m pretty sure it’s just those little creamer cups at the drink stations.

I agree. Bring your own creamer.

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There’s no milk with the mug. Only creamers. Definitely no almond or soy options.

One thing that’s nice for CS is that you can refill the coffee at the Barcelona Lounge as well, in case you’re staying in the tower. The trek to the mercado just for coffee is a drag.