Coronado Springs or Carribean Beach?

Already planning a 2018 trip after our late August 2016 trip. We stayed at FWC but only because we received some significant trip from a generous relative. We will have our DS13 and DD10. We like the activities available and theming of both. Do both have a fridge and microwave? We liked using garden grocer last time it saved us on food (we did not purchase a dining plan) but we had a full kitchen at the FW cabins. We had lunch reservations almost daily and didnt really need a “real” dinner.

Never stayed at CS, but we were at CBR 2 weeks ago. I don’t think any of the mods have a microwave in the room, but there was a minifridge. We ordered water, milk, snacks, fruit, and simple breakfast food. The delivery was great from both GG and bell services. CBR is a large resort. We stayed in Matinique 23. We were very close to a bus stop and about a 5 minute casual walk to Old Port Royale. The kids loved the pool. The beds were very comfortable and we had no issues with mouse keeping. We did not like how far away the Custom House was. When we arrived, it was very busy and the internal bus was running slow. We did not have a car, so we walked with our carry on luggage to our room. Bell services picked us and our luggage up when we left. Buses to the parks were great. From the parks left a lot to be desired at the beginning of our trip.


Yeah, no microwaves in the moderates. We really enjoyed the food in the food court at CS but opposite of Alewis678, we haven’t stayed CBR. We really enjoyed how quiet CS was and the whole area was really beautiful. We never waited more than about ten minutes for a bus. I would definitely recommend staying there.

From what I understand, each Disney resort has a number of microwaves available to add to a room at no charge. When you make your room reservation, ask them to add the request as a note on your reservation. I believe they’re given out on a first come first served basis - but I don’t know if that means makes the request first or checks in that day first.

We have stayed at both and enjoyed both…but we all like CS a little better…especially the pool and play areas. The pool never seemed to be crowded and DD and DH loved the long slide! Watching movies at night while floating around was fun too! We didn’t eat much at the resort…but got great gelato snacks…I’m not sure if they still have gelato however! :anguished:

CS also has a gym if you are interested and the wifi was great…probably because of the conference center? I also enjoyed the toiletries! They were the same ones that we got at AKL! Love that shower gel!!

We had a smooth check in…but we did see some long lines of people trying to check in for conferences…hopefully with online check in that won’t be a problem!

Either way you will have a great time!!

Agreed - either way you will have a great time. Haven’t stayed at CBR but have stayed at CS. First time was awesome - 2nd time the mousekeeping was a bit off. People have noted they don’t like the idea of it being a conference center - but it was fine when we were there. I think because it is a conference center there are more amenities. From my perspective the moderates are all very similar in nature so anyone would be close to another.

So it’s almost a year later, and I am reviving this post as my true planning can actually begin.
Last time we booked in March '16 for an Aug '16 trip. Any big advantage to booking our ticket/resort package this far out?
I am still going 'round and 'round about which Moderate resort to stay at. We REALLY liked the boat transportation to MK from FWC last time. CBR will be the most affordable I think, but I am willing to double down on saving $ in order to stay at the resort that fits us best. I have even looked into the Wilderness Lodge based on theming, boat transportation, and beautiful grounds/atmosphere.
Thanks in advance for advice/input! :smile: I am driving myself nuts :flushed:

Loved WL plus beds are bigger / nicer. Loved taking the boat to MK

Leaning towards Wilderness Lodge. I think it will be worth the extra $, plus it has the boat to MK which is awesome.
Now I have to try to get the best deal I can! Any tips?

I’ve stayed at CS and CBR and you might be able to save some money by staying at CBR right now during their construction (main drawback is that the dining hall/shops building is closed, but they have temporary dining set up). If you don’t plan on dining at the resort a lot (we didn’t) then you won’t miss much. The rooms at CBR were newly decorated and very nice. Drawback to CBR is more bus stops. CS has fewer bus stops, but rooms are a little older (not bad though) and it also has some construction going on (but not to the main amenities.) You can’t go wrong with either of these!

OK - so haven’t stayed at CBR - but have stayed at CS. If you are able to stay at WDL - DO IT. It is just a nice respite from the hectic hub bub of the parks - the facilities are nice and there is just a sense of grandeur and calm there.

Try some of the hotel aggregation sites -, Trivago, Expedia etc. you will have to book your trip as components but that is actually usually cheaper anyway.

Thank you! I will check out those sites for prices. I booked the hotel/park pass combo through AAA the first time we went.

I’ve stayed at CBR and CS. I definitely prefer CS for the open feeling of the resort and the pool area. I think CBR is a little hectic. I’ve never stayed at WL but if you are increasing your budget a little I’d look into yacht and beach club. Big resort and that have some drawbacks. But just came back from there (see me trip report 8/18-8/22) and the location is unbeatable. The ease in walking to Epcot and boating to HS is awesome. Plus the renovations are just about done and the rooms are brand new. Good luck with you planning. Super jealous that I have to go a few years without putting a trip together :disappointed:

Thank you, :blush: we are leaning towards WL. The boat ride to MK was one the many highlight of our last trip. We are pinching pennies like crazy to pay for the Deluxe accomodations. Hope its worth it.
Waiting is so hard! :persevere:

You might look into POFQ also. We have stayed here 3 times and love it. The size makes it very manageable and the pricing is a nice compromise.

I really think you will enjoy it. The rooms are a bit bigger and the feel of the lodge as a whole is wonderful. Although it is themed - it is authentic. I personally enjoyed hitting the gym first thing and then enjoying a coffee sitting in a rocker on one of the balconies - just watching the resort wake up.

Plus there is just something about being “inside” with a lobby - where you can just enjoy the lull of the activity and watching people.

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