Coronado Springs during Cheer Competition

It looks like we’re staying at Coronado Springs during a cheer competition. Will it be fine noise-wise, or should we look elsewhere?

We stayed at POR during a cheer competition. We saw cheerleaders everywhere and they did clog up the food court, but other than that, it wasn’t overly noisy. Interestingly POR was not one of the resorts listed for the competition, but they were there none the less.

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We will be there one night during cheer week also. From what i understand CSR is an upgraded choice for those that choose to travel with the group and book with the group rate. Most of them will be at the All Stars. From what i’ve been told, they are really only at the hotel in the morning and come back to sleep. They practice and compete during the day, and they have park passes at night that don’t allow access until after 3 PM or something. I would just be prepared to run into them at the breakfast hours.

Unlike at the All Stars, where they have those big open courtyards, CSR doesn’t really have the space for them to practice at the hotel so you wont run into that too much. A cheer mom on another board told me they usually get put all the way in the back of Ranchos, because they don’t have preferred rooms.

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I am going to be there for cheer competition the weekend of May 10-12. We were given a choice between Value (AS/Pop) or Moderate (CS/CBR) and chose moderate because they will likely be quieter. We don’t find out which of the two moderates until a few weeks before we arrive. We are expecting to be at the resort very little. The girls have to practice and compete during the day. I think the food court areas will be super busy in the mornings with everyone getting breakfast before heading over to ESPN, but very quiet during the day. They also have curfews at night to make sure they are well rested. I think the value resorts will be way more crowded and noisy since that is where the majority of the cheer action happens. With all that said, I never travel without my white noise machine. It blocks out all noise and I never have to worry about losing sleep due to noise unless it is something completely over the top.

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I’ve stayed there during a cheer competition and didn’t notice anything. I wouldn’t worry about it!

I know that when we’ve been there with my daughter for the Natl High School Cheer competition, for our girls it is all business and no one is out late hollering. We also never practice at a resort, because our girls really tumble and without mats, we will not practice. We can’t risk the injuries. I hope it is quiet for you…our girls usually stay at CBR(but we are DVC so we stay at SSR). Good luck!