Coronado Springs and transportation specifically early morning

Will be at DW in a little over 30 days for a work conference at CSR. Work has me reserved in a “preferred” room. Where exactly are these rooms?

I believe I read there are 4 bus stops for CSR. I have ONE day to try for a BG for RiSE and want to be at the park as early as possible. The entire week I will be there is predicted at a CL 10 and I have limited time to do what I want to do, aka not work. I have myself overthinking all my plans. My one full free day I have scheduled for early morning at HS with all my FPs scheduled there between 905am and 1230p. Hoping to have an early afternoon break and spend the rest of the day/night at Epcot but really wondering if I am making a mistake and wasting my time trying to obtain a BG. I atleast do not want to be stressing over transportation. I’m thinking a preferred room would be close to transportation but wondering which stop. Would hate to be stop 4 and have full buses pass me by. Have no issues calling a Lyft/Uber but wanted to have my plan set prior to that morning.

I would just plan on calling a Lyft. With only one chance to get a BG, it is not worth the frustration of dealing with the buses to save less than $10. We love CSR, but always have a rental or use Lyft. No idea about preferred rooms, we have only stayed in standard in the back of the resort, and in the new tower.

This is what TP room finder shows for preferred rooms:

I LOVED this resort last August. Preferred rooms look like they are close to the first bus stop at the resort - and the buses are dedicated to CSR only. You could put in a room request for Casitas just to make sure that’s where you land (El Centro at Grand Destino Tower is the LAST stop before heading to a park).

I agree though, I would get a ride share to the HS in the morning to make sure you are on time. (We had our own vehicle and with a few exceptions drove to the parks most days, so I really can’t comment on RD with buses).

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Definitely Uber or Lyft. That’s what I did in August staying at CSR. And the times I did catch the bus I went to tower and took bus from there.

I just stayed at the tower, 2/4-2/8. while there was an occasional 100 people at one of the stations (cheer squads who made last minute plan changes i guess) it was overall pretty quick and flawless. The first MK bus got me to the park to join the ADR PPO line pretty far up. I also got to HS in time to make it through the turnstiles 10 minutes before the park opening (2nd day got a BG low enough to ride!) I did hear complaints from a few about how far their particular building was from a stop so as mentioned above i would definitely try to be strategic on a room request. the bus stop order 2, 3, 4, then 1 (tower) - So bus stop 2 would be least loaded for trips to the parks. The MDE app seemed pretty accurate for bus times.
Now, all that being said - if I have to be somewhere by a certain time - I use ride share.

Thank you all! I will be playing it safe that one and only morning I have to try for a BG. Praying they change the current opening times from 9am to earlier but we shall see!

Does ride share pick up from the lobby/tower?