Coral reef or Mickey's backyard BBQ

I know they are 2 totally different experiences, but I have to decide between the 2!!
Going with DH, DS7, DD5
Which do u recommend?
Also planning for 1900, CRT, tusker house, HV, BOG,

YouTube Mickeys backyard BBQ! It looks like a blast for younger kids. My son is older, and I am so sad he is beyond dancing with Mickey :frowning:

I would do BBQ over Coral Reef. I think the kids will like the BBQ a lot more

CR is beautiful inside and I hate eating outdoors if the temp is much above 70 degrees. I also have little interest in CMs or buffets. That being said, I think the BBQ is the better choice for your kids.

My kids loved CR. I think time of year would help determine. We were there in June and they were 6. It was a cool retreat for us on a hot day. They loved watching the fish and trying to identify them. It was one of the calmest meals we had during our trip.

We didn’t do the BBQ so I can’t compare.

I will add that their favorite of all the restaurants was Whispering Canyon Cafe. It would be a cool alternative to the BBQ with that type of food and lots of fun built in for the kids and whole family really.

We will be there late September

That time of year you might like the indoor AC meal. The good news is I am sure both options would be great so you can’t go wrong :slight_smile: