Copying Touring Plan to "Trip" day?

Need help! Planning a trip to DL in late January 2019. Trying to set up a “Trip” in both the iOS “Lines” app & online at I’ve got the trip set up for our dates but cannot figure out a way to copy a “Premium” touring plan into the days of our trip. Is this possible? It seems I need to set a schedule/pick rides from scratch. Am I missing something?


Whenever I have created a touring plans it has automatically linked to my trip on my dashboard and on the app. Then, when I create a touring plan, and pick the same dates on the touring plans, it links to my trip. That is not working?

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Personalized touring plans should automatically appear in the dashboard. Are you trying to copy one of their pre-made plans to your dashboard? If so, you need to go into the plan, select copy, and then edit the plan details to set it to the desired date. This turn it into a personalized plan.