Copy and Paste in FPP


I have heard this mentioned several times when people are talking strategy for FPP's. What exactly are the steps and where do they occur in the process of reserving FPP's? Watched one tutorial on FPP but they did not offer an example of copying and pasting. I am booking mine on MOnday and want to be sure I have my reservation arsenal ready:) TY


I booked mine the day before my friends' opened up, and I used the copy FP option. It was very easy. After you do yours, when you click on the FastPass under My Disney Experience, you will see an option screen with three buttons. None of the buttons are for copying. The buttons say "New FastPass+" "Update FastPass+" and "Cancel FastPass+" Below them, there is a hyperlinked sentence that says "Add Friends and Family to Existing FastPass+" THIS is what you need to choose to copy.

You'll first see a list of all the people in your family and friends, including yourself. Your name should be chosen. This first screen is the person you want to copy FROM (ie: the ones you want to copy to others.) Next, you'll be able to choose the people you want to add to a particular FP. I think it's one FP at a time, but I don't remember exactly. If there isn't an exact match available, they will suggest a time that overlaps. It won't change yours.

I hope this helps!


thank you very much! I appreciate your help, Sally. I am so excited to get these FPP's underway!


What if I would like to make FPP"s for me and dd for Anna and Elsa, but would like to get boys and dad a FPP for another attraction at the same time. Is this doable? any how- to steps to simplify the process for me? Thanx again!


I know we ended up with different FPs for some and copied FPs for others. My trip is next week, so I don't want to go in and change anything to refresh my memory of the process. I know that you start with that "Add family and friends to existing FP link." Then you choose the date. Then you choose yourself (or the person who already has the FPs. Next you chose the person to whom you want to copy your FPs. That's as far as I can go now without messing up my friends' FPs for next week. I THINK the next screen lets you check off which FPs you want to copy - one, two or all. So for A&E you would start with that date, chose yourself, then choose your DD, then only choose the A&E FP.

However, if you're starting from a moment when your family has no FPs, then I would copy all of yours to all of them to start. Then you can go back in and "Update FastPass+" for each person on each day to get different ones. Once everyone has 3 FPs, it's much easier to see what's available and make changes. It will work out!