Copper Creek Room Type/View

Trying to look at room views for Copper Creek. On DVC it states there is a standard and a preferred room type. But on the Hotel Views on touringplans, there’s only a “woods” designation. What is going on? Thanks

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Where are you seeing standard and preferred views listed on the DVC site? Can you take a screen shot?

I am a CC owner. There is no choice, or difference in point charts, for CC rooms?

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Do you have any suggestions for “best rooms”? Studio, for me.

What type of studio did you book? Generally, the tub rooms are lower floors, and alternative floor plan rooms. The walk in showers are higher floors. It is touch using the TP request because I don’t think they designate the tub/shower?

Oh man, Google failed me. I was looking at the Riviera point chart under the images for CC points chart (why is Riviera listed first?)

You are correct. there is only the single room type for each catetory (studio, 1BR, 2BR, 3BRGV, 2BR Cabin)

Ooh, you’re right. I forgot that the shower/tub is a different reservation.
I have a walk-in shower room.