Copper Creek resort map

I know the resort has just opened, but I was wondering when you reckon you’ll have the resort layout map etc for Copper Creek available? We’re staying there in October, so I’m excited to see where the 1BR units are located on each floor. :grin:

Staff may or may not see questions posted here. If you have a specific question for them, you are probably best to email Though tagging @len often works too.

Thanks, appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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We’re working on getting the data now. Should have it in 30 days or so, with maps.


Fantastic news, thank you so much! :grinning:

Looking for this as well. Thanks!

I’m at my 60 day mark & would love to hear more about views (and noise) from the Copper Creek wing, since we’ll be there in December. I checked the Copper Creek page connected to the Wilderness Lodge hotel page on Touring Plans website but I couldn’t find any updates.

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@len Just wanted to check how the Copper Creek floor layouts and maps are coming along please…? We’ll be there in two weeks time and would love to be able to submit a coherent room request lol! :grin:

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Any day now. We were waiting on a map update. Definitely by end of week.

Are you staying in a cabin?

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I walked past all of the rooms on every floor, a couple of times over the last two months. There were no noticeable noise issues, even from rooms just inside the hallways off the lobby. Obviously, the rooms closer to the lobby are going to have more foot traffic, and thus more potential for noise. So something midway down the halls seems to be a good compromise between silence and walking distance.

There are definitely noise issues for rooms that directly overlook the lobby, mainly from Whispering Canyon. I would not recommend those rooms. But anything else off the lobby seems to be good.

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Thank you so much! We’ll be in a 1BR - can’t justify a cabin for the 3 of us so that will have to wait for another time. :grin: