Copper creek dvc studio

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My wife and 2 year old are staying at copper creek in oct for the night. I have to work and will be joining the next day. Two questions I have.

First we got a studio with walk in shower. What does that mean exactly? I couldn’t find much info about that.

Second, I saw a great room on you tube taken by touring plans that was a studio at copper creek that was a mini 1 bed I believe. Does anyone know what rooms those are and if they can be requested? Thanks so much. First time at this hotel are BW and SS home resorts.


When Copper Creek was first built there were a lot of posts about the showers. Basically, there is no tub, so if you have small children there is only a shower. It is an enclosed, flat shower area.

Article about the showers:

Thanks so much

The cool rooms end in the number 15. So, 5115 for example. I believe they have tubs. I’m going to try to request one for January but we too have reserved the shower only studio.

It’s listed as a 2 bedroom on the room finder for some reason. It has no kitchen or laundry so it really can only be a studio. The funky shape must be because of the retrofitting from regular hotel rooms to villas.

Thatnks good to know. I want to at least try so my wife can have a little bit of space when sleeping.

So you also have a two year old that sleeps like a star fish?:wink:

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Haha nah. We stayed at poly last year for 2 nights and put the baby in the crib in one of the bathrooms. Worked well. Hoping to do something similar if we could get that room. Keep crib in the living room I guess. Otherwise we put it bt the sink. That works but it’s really a noise factor. She tends to fall asleep better when we are not seen haha.

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