Cooridinating GR trip at DS with late arrival

Hello! I’m back again with yet another question! So we have military park tickets that need to be activated at a GR site prior to entry into parks. Our flight into MCO is 6:43 pm and we plan to take DME to our resort. We are staying at CBR. We have 8:20 am reservations at GG Chip-n-Dales harvest breakfast the next morning to start our day in Epcot. My plan is for us all to travel to DS the night of our arrival to stop at GR and maybe dinner at Blaze? Then get back to our rooms to settle in and rest up for our busy next day. Does this sound doable? Thanks again for all of the help!

For me that would probably be a bit late to be going to DS. You probably won’t be at your resort till 8.45, you’ll want to go to your room presumably, then the bus to DS - you’re probably looking at getting there at 9.30pm, if you’re lucky. Then going to GS (is it even open that late?) and then Blaze, and then back to your resort. You’re not going to be back till 11pm earliest. And you’ll be tired from travelling, and a pre RD breakfast? Not for me. But if you think you will have the energy, then go for it!

I don’t think we will have the energy for it either. I don’t think I am allowing for enough travel time for us while making our plans. I was hopeful to be at CBR by 8. Then maybe do a quick uber to DS. But still I think it will end up being longer than anticipated.
I also didn’t realize that we had to visit GR to activate our tickets until after I made all of our plans :frowning: I was excited to start our trip with the character meal but maybe we can get it for later… Then we could skip DS and go to GR at Epcot on our way into the park that morning. Back to the drawing board…

I tend to overestimate travel time, but I do think 8pm is extremely unlikely. And if your flight is even 30 mins late…

I just called Disney and found out that GR will be open at Epcot when we get there for our 8:20 adr. Phew! So we don’t need to make a separate trip. Would you recommend a time that you would leave CBR to arrive at Epcot in time? Thanks!

I’d be at the bus stop just before 7, you can get in at 7.45.