Coordinating touring plan with family

Any tips on coordinating touring plans with family that may want to add in roller coasters and other adult / big kid rides that my little ones cannot do? I know we will want to be together most of the trip but I also know there are some rides they won’t want to miss that we can’t do also. Any advice on coordinating this? Our first trips.

You probably want to do a tp for your family based on the priorities for your littles. Then once you have a plan that suits you save it and copy it( just call it a diff name) . Use the copy to swap out things like A&E for Space, for Tiki big Thunder. and try to get fpp for the things you are doing differently. Dont know your group make up. You could also do alternative touring together then apart eg am together then split up and meet for dinner. Touring as a large group doesn’t always work well. Another option ,plan on what suits you give the rest a copy and let then join when they want .

Make two plans. One for the bigs, one for the littles and whomever will be accompanying them. Whenever there is an ride that the littles can’t go on, look for a ride in the immediate area that the littles would like but the bigs wouldn’t care to miss. Space Mountain translates to Astro Orbiter and People mover on the littles’ plan. Mine Train translates to Pooh and/or Goofy’s Barnstormer. Fill in the time on the littles schedule to then merge it back for whatever the big’s next scheduled thing is which will be on both TP’s. Shows are great for getting everyone back on the same schedule.

Plan a few big people events for while the littles go back for a nap.