Cooler with canned beer allowed at Cabana Bay pool?

Hello, Will be heading to Cabana Bay soon and was wondering if I can have a small cooler with canned beer in the pool area?

Thank You :beer:

Dont think so. If they have the same licencing laws as the 3 delux it will be no. A liner did this earlier this year and staff removed their drinks and returned the cooler to their room. Think that was HRH.

Wow…I have stayed on property at Disney many times and never had an issue.

Guess Universal is different…I will have keep it on the down low.

There are different licencing laws where Uni is. You also cannot take alcohol from citywalk to hotels . Security make you drink or dump it.
If staff at hotel do call you out please remember they are protecting their job. If they see you and don’t do anything they can lose their job and the Hotel can get a hefty fine or have its liquor licence revoked.
The liner it happened to said it was all dealt with very professionally with min embarrassment.

I would not give anyone an issue for doing their job…Especially over a few cans of beer.