Cool Mickey ears and hats

Has anyone seen any fun Mickey or Minnie hats besides buying in parks. I’m looking for kids and adults

1 Like has an incredible selection and some of them are down right amazing! They can get pricey but you can also find some deals.

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Etsy is a rabbit hole you will not get out of! Some of the elaborate ones are more pricey than the parks, but many are not, and are way more comfortable, too!

Oh god I wasn’t ready for how uncomfortable the park ones were.


I have some that are so comfortable that I sometimes panic and think they are no longer on my head, but they are! Unfortunately that shop doesn’t make ears anymore or I would totally recommend them… I think they were ~$5 cheaper than the parks, even with shipping. Black ears with a sequined teal bow, won’t find those in the parks!

I know someone who makes custom ones & they are really comfortable. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post her FB page or not.

Please do! We are going for my 40th birthday, and if that doesn’t call for special ears, I don’t know what does. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I told her I wanted MU ears for my DD and she worked with me to create them. The cost was $23 delivered to NJ from NC. The best part is - THEY ARE COMFORTABLE!


Does she do anything for Christmas?

check out on etsy elegantearsbyjo 20% off labor day sale

Yes, if you contact her she can show you ears she has done in the past or if you tell her your ideas she will send you pictures of fabric and other stuff she can put on them.