Converting Universal Tickets

I purchased our Universal tickets from Undercover Tourist. I got the 2 day, 1 park each day tickets because that is what I thought we were doing. My brother decided he wants to do the park to park tickets solely to ride Hogwarts Express. First of all, is it worth it just for Hogwarts Express? My second question is, is there a way to convert these tickets to park to park beforehand or do I have to wait until the day we get there to get them converted? Thank you.

Also, if I have to have them converted at the gate, how long does that take? Is there usually a long line?

Hogwarts Express is kind of cool in that it is an experience and not just a means of transportation. Is it worth doing? Yes. Is it worth paying extra for Park to Park tickets ONLY to do that? Well, if you aren’t going to take advantage of the park hop for any other purpose, then I’d say no. But it does, then, give you the opportunity to spend time in both sides of Harry Potter in a single time period, rather than splitting it up. There is something to be said for the full immersion experience doing it that way.


I’m am going to adjust my touring plan so that we will park hop too so I guess that is something.

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BTW, I should add that the experience on the train is different depending on which direction you’re going. What you see in the windows (both exterior windows and interior) changes, so make sure if you do it you go BOTH WAYS on the train at some point.


I really liked having the park to park tickets because the parks are so close that it’s easy to go back and forth. We did bits of both parks each day. With UT, the price is cheaper than at the gate, so it may be better (if you haven’t opened them yet) to return the tickets, and by them from UT. I’m not sure when you’re going, but when we went, we needed to buy one more ticket, but it wouldn’t arrive in time. So, we did the e-ticket, printed it at home, and at the park’s guest service, they gave us a regular ticket.

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Original poster bought the tickets through UT.

But it would be worth contacting UT and seeing about exchanging them for Park to Park tickets. They might wave the 5% return fee.

Oh, yeah I knew that. What I meant was, they will not let you return or exchange them if they were opened. Also that they’d have to pay the gate price for park to park instead of the UT park to park price. (This is my guess because I never tried to upgrade to a park to park at the parks).

I agree that contacting them for an exchange would probably get them to waive the return fee.