Converting Ride in my Plan to a Fast Pass


With Touring Plans, if I have my days mapped out with personalized plans with schedules of rides two months ahead of my Fast Pass Day, when I make my Fast Passes in the Disney App can I convert them in Touring Plans to Fast Passes or do I have to add them as Fast Passes and then delete them from my original schedule of rides?
I hope this makes sense.

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You add the FPP reservations, but you still have to leave the rides in the plan.

This and then click either Evaluate or Optimize to apply the FPs to the plan.

If you Evaluate, you may have to move the FP around until it falls within the time frame of the FP

You can force the Optimiser to use your FP time. It works with Optimise or Evaluate.

It’s under the “Advanced Options”.


Oh yes, I forgot about that and I;ve done it many times.

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