Convention ticket prices

We have plans to go to a convention at Disney in December. I’ve held off buying tickets in case the convention gets cancelled. Well, we decided to go to Disney, even if the convention is cancelled as long as the parks are open.
I checked today to see if the convention is still posted and buy the park tickets. Was I shocked to see the increase in the price. When I originally checked months ago it was $342 for 4 days. Now it is $407 for 4 days. Did Disney have a price increase that I missed or will the convention keep increasing the ticket price as the time gets closer. Anyone have any insight on this?

Disney increased the price for convention tickets on March 11 this year. I don’t think the price will increase again until around the same time next year.

I’ve noticed that they increase the price when the expiration date is extended. Current Convention tickets are good until December 31, 2021.

Thanks everyone. Wish I had known all this a while ago, I would have taken my chances and bought tickets earlier. I think I will buy then now in case Disney decides to charge more when they reopen to make up for lost revenue.